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படித்ததில் பிடித்தது

 To Get Success

ü  Keep your face always smile.
ü    Daily early morning do yoga.
ü    Be a bold & genuine person.
ü   Set your time schedule as always busy. If you are always in busy your improving.
ü  Don’t be getting angry for anything.
ü  Don’t loose your mind forever.
ü  Don’t get fear for anything.
ü  Don’t be an over selfish person.
ü  Don’t allow others to scold you.
ü  Don’t cry for anything because our world full in problem with solution. So try to get the solution and solve it.
ü  Don’t say please to anyone here after.
ü  Exercise daily and drink more water.
ü  Before going to sleep 10 minutes think about the day positive and negative you do and correct the mistake.
ü   Think about your parent’s hard work and how they loving you. They are the only true person to good success in your life.
ü  Be carry of your parents and at a same time say thanks to good to give wonderful life.
ü  Concentrate about your work. Don’t considered about others thought.
ü  Practice makes a man perfect.
ü  Life is short use it fast.
S. Divyajothi,
II-physics- A


  1. நல்ல பகிர்வு முனைவரே!

  2. நல்லதொரு தொகுப்பு. பாராட்டுகள்.

  3. பயனுள்ள பகிர்வு ஐயா.

  4. ஜனனிஜெயச்சந்திரன்18 November 2016 at 21:55

    ஊக்கமூட்டும் தொகுப்பு ஐயா மிக நன்றி திவ்ய ஜேதி தங்களுக்கும் நன்றி தோழி!


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