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who are heros?


I am happy here without any fear I enjoy my life

 without any disturbance I learn many things 

without any intruption,I can attain my goal.Yes! 

it’s common perhaps you will think everyone is 

doing this! Why she is speaking odd?but here I 

wish to say that all my happiness is because of I

 am protected.My mother is ready to help me as a

 mother,my father is ready to help me as a

father,my friend is ready to help me as a friend,but

 who are they why they are helping and saving us

 without any personal relationship?they are real

 heros.Because they don’t show any fake

 adventure to people and even they don’t wish to

 prove their talent.yes  we are really

 gifted right! Army a great team.January 15th, the

 Indian Army day. Indomitable courage,

 outstanding leadership and devotion to duty,

 that’s how you identify the men in olive green.

Far from their homes and loved ones, in the cold

 winds of frosty Siachen or the heat waves of hot 

Rajasthan or the hilly terrain of Arunachal, are

 soldiers on guard to protect our Republic while

 you are in your cozy home. But,our concern

 is always over the 

facebook comments.we have to utilize  our

 freedom and contribute something to our society friends.


  1. அருமையான பகிர்வு தோழி..


  2. தங்கள் முதல் முயற்சிக்குப் பாராட்டுக்கள் ஜனனி

    1. உக்குவித்தர்கு நன்றி ஐயா!!!


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