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                          WHAT IS SLEEP
A STATE OF complete or partial unconsciousness, normal and periodic in man. when sleep our nervous system and muscles are relaxed and our eyes closed. but the body does not stop its activities. all the vital organs do work though the functions are much slowed down.

     Sleep is a period of complete rest. during sleep, our cells recover from the fatigue caused by work and prepare us for the next period of activity. while awake , we never get total relaxation .

THE SLEEP IS CONTROOLED BY the "CEREBELLUM"  or the part of brain below and behind the cerebellum. when we work continuously, the calcium content in our blood increases. sleep is necessary to reduce it.

OUR BREATHING AND HEARTBEATS become slower and our body temperature and blood pressure lower in sleep than in working hours.

THE SLEEP CAN BE either deep or shallow. a short, deep sleep gives us more comport than a long shallow one does.

Image result for fuctions of brain in sleeping photos.comWHY SHOULD ONE NOT SLEEP NORTH-SOUTH

Researchers at the institute of magneto-biology, Chennai, India say that sleeping in north-south direction could make one lack of sense of well being at times. According to Dr. Sankara Narayan, director of the institute, when a man lies with his head towards north in a pulsating magnetic filed, his brain's electrical activity is suppressed or damped. measurements reveal that blood circulation in finger tips are affected and balance between neuro chemicals is upset. In addition it gives subjective experience like headache , confused thinking and lack of a sense of well being. if one sleep east-west in the pulsed filed , the brain's activity is consideration enhanced. also the peripheral blood circulation all over the body is enhanced. hence he feels relaxed and alert.

Image result for fuctions of brain in sleeping

 It is known that earth's magnetic field pulses at extremely low frequencies and is typically in the range of human brain's electrical activity. these pulses are not  present always but they peak during certain periods generally associated with solar activity. if one sleep north-south during such activity headache, general discomfort, nausea and confusion may result on active nights. but there may not be any change in the body. this is true for animals also as they are more sensitive to such changes..


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