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Mobile Commerce

                                      MOBILE COMMERCE


           You all know about the e-commerce , which means you can buy things online without going to e-commerce is become necessary for any business to get good sales over internet. Now a days, mobile companies invented new smart phones day by day. So, user can get all the information online on their cell phones. These e-commerce companies are targeted these smart phone users through mobile website and due to this mobile website mobile commerce came in existence..   

             This mobile commerce is beneficial for both type of business LARGE SCALE & SMALL SCALE. The mobile users increase day by day, so through mobile commerce your business get large & growing market place for wild range of goods & services..

                 Mobile is the only technology which is now become necessary for any person in social & business life than computers. So, it is easy to reach users through mobile commerce.

                    As more users use mobile commerce there are lots of companies use mobile commerce site to reach them by giving different & better deals in comparison of their competitor..

                  Companies try to the consumer directly through mobile commerce so users have no need to go far to the store physically & at the end it saves user's time & money.

                     There is no need of skilled consumer. Buyers can have took thousands of items on their cell phones & there is no need of online checkout process..

               Every invention has its own merits &demerits. It is applicable in this mobile commerce business also..

Smart phone limitation:
              Mobile has no big screen like desktop (or) laptop so sometimes users tired to navigate more &more to choose just one item from thousands. It affects shopping rate..

               Every new technology has some problem at the starting phase. Here mobile commerce is new application so sometimes people avoid to change which are rapidly change. As they are habituate to buy products from e-commerce.

Risk factor:
               Each business has its own risk. Same mobile commerce is the growing field is become risky. Because technology change day by day . Moreover there less security in wireless network, so in data transfer hacking chances are more..

                     Mobile commerce needs high speed connectivity of 3G. Otherwise it is become hectic for user to go through entire product purchase process..


  1. பயனுள்ள பதிவு. தங்கள் முயற்சிக்குப் பாராட்டுக்கள் வைசாலி


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